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Health and Safety Policy Question

I need to hire a safety consultant to write a policy, but I have found a cheap option on ebay. Would this be ok for a small company. They state that it is up to date with the health and safety at work act 1974.

Answer; Our advice is, do not touch so called ready made health and safety policies they more often than not turn out to be wrong. We recommend that you speak direct to a consultant who can help write a policy to suit you and your company.

Question from UK Safety Advisor

I am looking at working overseas in the Middle East, is this the best time to start moving overseas taking into considering the present Credit Crunch?

Answer; Our advice is tread very careful at what international jobs you take up, as quite often they can be terminated with little notice and you could end up in a country where you have to clear all your debts before you are allowed to leave.  Even countries within the Middle East have started to lay off their staff so beware. We say wait and see what happens after the 6 months or you might regret your move to the sun and get burnt (excuse the pun).